Thursday, June 18, 2015


I had been looking for part time work during the holidays. My mom had been going to classes, just for fun, at IDC Design and heard they were look for "Elves" to help decorate during the holidays. It sounded like something I would love and somehow it all worked out and I found myself decorating away throughout the holidays. It was a ton of fun, and absolutely exhausting. I knew I was signing up for six weeks of insane schedule and tons of work but thought the opportunity to work with such great vendors was worth it! I am so glad I did it and loved it!  I was even offered a permanent position with the company.  As much as I loved it, it wasn't worth the crazy schedule of never seeing my kids.

As always, I should have taken so many more pictures! Keep in mind the lighting is terrible in all of these photos and I don't think I ever got pictures of the finished project, which sounds CRAZY, but I promise the work itself was literally crazier, to the point where the last thing on my mind was taking pictures. Out of respect we don't take photos inside clients homes, which were some of my favorite finished results! We did all the trees at the Grand America Hotel. We helped with the Gingerbread house there and did all trees and garlands around it. We also did decorations for the Huntsman's Hope Party at the Grand America. We did the LDS Conference Center for the Tabernacle Choir's Christmas Concert with Sesame Street. We also did the decor for the First Presidency Devotional. To give you an idea of how crazy it was, as soon as the devotional was over, at 9:00 at night, we had to undecorated 50 Christmas trees and start redecorating them for the Concert. We spent lots of time inside the IDC shop building sets, painting, putting together wreaths, making giant ribbon, floral arrangements, you name it! We also did hotels, law firms, country clubs, etc. All of this was done in six weeks, a lot of nights I got home after midnight and was up at 5:30 heading out again. it was absolutely nuts but so much fun! Definitely an awesome opportunity! There were four of us that would decorate and a separate crew of about four that was over setup and more of the construction side of things.

Here is picture overload!

Getting the set ready at the conference center. 

My car was always packed full of Christmas decor!

Working at the Gingerbread house was definitely one of my favorite projects!

Hope Christmas party. 

Getting more trees ready at the Grand America

Outside decor at The Grand. 

Loved the Jou Jou tree at the toyshop!

It was so fun seeing the sesame street puppets, and puppeteers. 

First presidency devotional set. 

Making giant ribbon from chicken wire for the conference center. 

Boxes being painted, getting ready to be wrapped in ribbon, to make giant Christmas gifts for the stage. 

Decorating on ridiculously high ladders. I would sometimes sing at the top of my lungs with the tabernacle choir! It was so fun working above them and listening to them practice. 

Getting more and more done. 

Watched so many dress rehearsals.

We built these giant wreaths. It was so so tedious but they looked good once they were finished!

I really loved working for IDC. It was an awesome experience, definitely one I will never forget!
And I never could have done it without my awesome family! My cute grandparents babysat my boys so I could work.  My mom made sure my family was fed and happy and spent countless hours taking care of them. And Justin worked everyday and came home took care of the boys. We hardly saw each other but he was more than supportive knowing how much I was loving this break from my normal routine. 


It was the perfect fall day and the boys played and played!


It is no secret, I LOVE Halloween! 
There are so many fun activities all month, most of them are outside and the weather is fantastic! 
I think it is a fun time of the year! 

I wanted something cute to go on my entertainment center mantle so my friend Hailey and I made glitter pumpkins! It was fun making them and they turned out so cute! For what it is worth, to all you crafters, the Walmart glitter worked even better than my Martha Stewart glitter! 

Our cute little stray kitty, loved sitting on the hay bail on the porch.
 He was the perfect halloween decor! 
We sure love this little guy.  

We babysat Makayla's kitten one night. 
He was barely one pound and had to be bottle fed.
The boys loved taking turns holding him and feeding him and were so gentle.

I had my annual, "girls night out" Halloween party while Justin was hunting!
The food gets cuter and cuter every year!
I think it was the funnest year yet!

Connor and I made homemade sugar donuts. They turned out perfect!

It was definitely a sugar overload month…The boys decorated sugar cookies with friends!

Of course they all ended up playing iPads after.

We carved pumpkins and the boys did an awesome job!

My little spiderman!


We met up with friends for our Halloween dinner tradition and headed out trick or treating!
Here is cute Connor and Brooklynn. Sometimes I hope these two get married, just for the fact that they would have the cutest wedding video since there are so many cute pictures of them together! Connor loves Brooklynn and she takes care of him. Sits with him on the bus, walks home with him from church. She definitely nurtures his tender side. He is lucky to have such a sweet friend. 

I love all the cute costumes!

Checking out their candy stash!

My mom got me this cute witch at David's shop and I ended up picking up her sister to go with her!
 I love them! So cute and fun!


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