Monday, July 21, 2014


We took a quick road trip to Lake Tahoe with my family. 
Most of my pictures are from the car ride up and the fishing hole. 
The rest of the time my phone was either dead or left in the hotel-it is hard to take pictures while riding bikes, playing in the lake etc. 

I loved that Matt drove with us, especially because of this long arms. Need a coke, need a snack, no problem, Matt can reach it :) He also kept Connor and Brooks happy in the backseat. And he didn't complain, once, about having to watch Dreamer about 12 times in the car, seriously!

Here we are fishing. Connor and Matt LOVED it, but to be completely honest I think Brooks was a little traumatized watching them smack the fish after they caught them. For a little boy that loves to look at fish- I completely understand that this would be sad. I just kept telling him that the bears now had food to eat. Which is true :) and by the way…they said there was a mom and two cubs at the fishing hole two weeks prior to our visit. CRAZY! We donated the fish we caught to the homeless and the bears :)

Connor reeling in his catch!

We spent lots of time playing at the lake.

Brooks let us bury him.

Connor was thrilled when Matt gave him his old sunglasses! 

Lake Tahoe Resort!

Enjoyed some mini golf. Justin and Matt enjoyed some real golfing!
They loved the course. 

Playing bean bag toss.

Connor playing on the tramp.

Here is some pictures of the lake. I am lame and downloaded these off of the Internet but this really is how beautiful Tahoe is. We love it. We had some gorgeous views on our bike ride and I wish I could have snapped some pics!

We also ate at the Red Hut…twice...LOVE!!!

We are looking forward to our family midway trip this weekend! Most of Connor's friends started school today, they are on year round schedule. I am realizing that sending my little guy into the world is a few short weeks away :( 

Loving all these fun times and soaking up the sun before our next phase of life starts!

Sunday, July 6, 2014



We had a GREAT holiday! It was filled with festivities and we are pretty exhausted about now!

Connor wanted to make a flag cake. He pretty much did all the work himself. 
We did not want to make a big deal about it during the family party but if anyone found an egg shell in their piece of cake you now know why :) 

Connor loves to help me out in the kitchen and he is becoming a pretty good helper!

We headed down to my parent's house on the 3rd and did the Centerville children's parade. 
Brooks tried taking off down a side street when there were too many people in his way. Connor loved the parade.

We ended up at the park. Connor got to pet this alligator!

Centerville paid for everything at the park so all the attractions were free, which was so nice and fun!

We ended the day watching Centerville City's firework show. 
We had a great seat on a friend's lawn and perfect parking in their driveway! 
It really was a fun day and they kids loved every minute of it! 

My parents did a dinner and we slept in their backyard. 
Berkley loved sleeping in the tent with us.

The boys thought it was a ton of fun too. I did not mind it but Justin let us all know he would be upgrading our two man tent to a six man. Too squishy for him :)

We got up early to go to the Centerville parade and continue the fun. 
Connor had been invited to be on the VHS lacrosse trailer. 
He had so much fun! He has been going on and on about throwing tootsie rolls to people and how much he loved it! Brooks and all the cousins were excited to see him and Matt pass by. 

After a good lunch at my parents we headed home and crashed for a couple of hours before the night time festivities began. 

 We love doing fireworks in the neighborhood because we have a perfect view of the West Point Fireworks! It is always fun to watch the big ones close by and let the kids do their own.

Brooks excited to do fireworks.

Good friends!

This picture sums up Brooklynn and Connor perfectly. Best of friends!

We had a fun holiday and a fun weekend. 
So grateful to family and friends that make these days so fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog. It should be all caught up now-I added about seven new posts today. Sorry if there are typos etc. I was going as fast as I could! Enjoy!


I cannot believe Connor is 5-years-old.
 It makes me sad thinking how fast the last five years have gone by, 
but I am so glad they have been spent with Connor!

He wanted a construction/"mighty machine" Birthday party this year.

He was so excited to open his presents but Brooks was sad he didn't have any to open so Connor told him to go ahead and open as many as he wanted. Connor is always nice like that. 

Love these brothers!

Connor and his Birthday cake!

The construction crew.

Being silly.

Working on the job site.

PiƱata time.

Opening gifts from his friends.

Getting ready to blow out the candles and make a wish.

Connor probably told me ten times how grateful he was for his fun Birthday and thank you for the gifts! He repeatedly said it was the best Birthday ever.
It is fun to celebrate someone who is so kind and grateful! 
Two of Connor's wonderful qualities!
Happy 5th Birthday Connor!!!

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