Tuesday, March 18, 2014


My boys and their friends love to play treasure hunt with maps etc. 
Connor also loves green
 so we decided to have a St. Patricks Day treasure hunt party!

Bingo cards
 (thanks to blogger- prepared not scared) 

Having fun with friends


After bingo the kids headed out on their treasure hunt!

The grand finale prize!

A little green food.

The darling green chest my mom found for the party.

And if you were wondering what was in the chest…


What lucky boys to have such great friends!
And what a lucky mom I am to have such great boys!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The boys both had a visit to the dentist! They did great and were cavity free, yahoo!!!

Brooks getting ready for church...

Supporting the Jazz under his church attire.

More Mario and Luigi.

I find the boys in the oddest positions when I tuck them in at night. 

Brooks playing with Uncle Tyson.

We made loom bracelets this week at scouts. 
Connor was so excited to make his own bracelet. He is getting quite the collection.
And thanks to Carson for teaching us all how to make the fun bracelets.

I wish I invented the loom, supposedly, it was the top selling item this year at Christmas!
And a special thanks to our friend, Bryonna, who made bracelets for our entire family.
We love them! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Happy Valentines Day! 
 I am kinda a nut about holidays, any holiday, I love them!
We were at the grocery store and Brooks found these hearts and wanted his picture with them. I love how cute he posed and I love that he has a cute heart shaped face!

My pediatrician, who is African American, tells me the hair line comes straight from Kenya and he probably is Kenyan about two generations back. 

Justin's mom makes the BEST sugar cookies, nothing beats them, but the boys love making cookies and rolling out the dough and cutting out their shapes. They never taste as good as her cookies and I am sure she doesn't make as big of a mess either! We had flour EVERYWHERE :)

Connor loves practicing his writing and loves cutting out hearts. Seriously, for a week straight he just cut out hearts! We had so many I decided to let him go heart attacking. I wish I would have taken some photos. Connor thought it was the best thing ever!

Connor and Zachary dressed up like Mario and Luigi, doing what? 
Did you guess cutting out hearts? 
If you did, you were right!

I kinda dropped the ball at Christmas and did not get all of our neighbor gifts out, so we decided to spread a little love for Valentines!

Cupid left a little something for the boys.


They are crazy about their basketballs. Brooks keeps falling asleep with his in hand. 

Justin's work schedule has been insane! He has been getting up around 3:45 AM most mornings and walking in the door around 8:00 PM.
We have missed him so much. We did a special Valentines dinner on Saturday. 
Justin took Connor golfing with their new equipment, they got for Christmas, and I cooked away!

Generally speaking, Connor is my healthy eater. Loves his fruit and veggies. Most nights he eats the veggies off his plate and is done. But he went absolutely crazy over our fondue!
He has asked everyday since when we can have another fondue night.

Brooks on the other hand, he always loves sugar :) 

The boys and I being silly! 

I sure do love my house full of boys! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Christmas morning
 our boys woke up to find this brand new door on our stair landing.
Of course it had a big red bow on it!

They were in awe of what could be behind the door...

A new playroom!!!!

I had a hard time fitting everything in one camera shot, 
 there is a fire pole and a ladder on the other side.

This door is a closet and there is also another door which leads into the backyard.

Inside the firehouse

As soon as we set up Brooks' bed in the boys' bedroom we were really wishing we had a third room so the kids could have a place to play. 
We had talked about converting part of the garage into a playroom for awhile. 
It was sometime in early September my cousin, Brad, the owner of Harmony Homes, 
was over and we got talking about different ways we could make this happen. 
After coming up with a plan we realized it would be finished a couple weeks before Christmas. 
We had planned on doing this project before and the timing all worked out just in time for a Christmas surprise!!!
We ended up taking the back half of our second car garage and
 framed two walls and sheet rocked the space underneath the stairs to create our playroom. 
It worked out great because we still have most of our garage and more space for the kids to play.
Definitely a win, win!!!
We had so much fun putting this project together and are so grateful for my cousin, Brad, and all his help! We could not have done this without his help and creative ideas! 
Justin and I would put the boys to bed and go work while they were asleep. 
The door on the landing was the last thing that got done. The boys knew there was some work going on the garage but did not think much of it. 
We all used the door in the backyard to get inside so the boys could not see what was going on. 
The boys LOVED it Christmas morning. Connor kept saying how awesome it was. 
Unfortunately, Justin and Connor had the flu pretty bad on Christmas so I was happy to get any kind of reaction out of Connor.
We had kept this project a secret from everyone and had fun showing off what the boys got for Christmas. 
My mom asked Connor if Santa gave him the playroom. I was kinda waiting to see what Connor would say because we really did not clarify who/where it came from. 
Connor replied, No, it was not Santa, my Dad built this for me because he loves me!! SO SWEET!!!

So bring your kids and come play!!! It is awesome!!!!

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