Saturday, October 25, 2014


Connor started kindergarten this year!
He was so excited the first day of school and seems to be loving the new routine!

LOVE these cute brothers!

These cute boys show up every morning to take Connor to the bus stop. 
Connor loves to be the first person to the bus everyday! 
Brooks and I walk down a few mins later and make sure he gets on okay. 

He loved red ribbon week and dressing up for the different themes each day. 
This day was crazy hair day and he opted not to do crazy hair but he wanted to make sure everyone saw his red ribbon so they would know he chose to be drug free!

Connor loves coming home everyday and making is own lunch! 
He is getting so independent! 


Even though the break does them good, Brooks misses Connor so much and is always excited to pick him up at the bus stop after school!
Both boys seem so big, crazy how fast time goes by!


After my friend Lauren  and my brother Matt challenged me 
to the ALS ice bucket challenge the same night
 I decided I better deliver ASAP!
The whole family got in on the fun 
and everyone we nominated accepted the challenge as well! 






I love my mom's video and I especially love Connor's face in it! After the boys dumped her with water Connor said, "that was FUN! We should do it again". Too cute!


We headed to Pineview with cousins for the 24th of July! 

Connor and Jackson playing in the water.

This water is definitely murky compared to lake Tahoe, where we were the week before,
 but it was still a fun time!

Brooks the beach bum!

We spent the 24th of July weekend at the homestead with all my cousins!
We always have a blast!

The boys playing with their friend Brennan. 

Brooks in Nursery. 

Connor went to a pirate party!

We had an, end of summer party with friends!
Connor and I made these marshmallows.

The boys loved them and so did their friends.

We had a pretty low key summer this year but spent lots of time with friends and hanging out at the park! What could be better?

Monday, July 21, 2014


We took a quick road trip to Lake Tahoe with my family. 
Most of my pictures are from the car ride up and the fishing hole. 
The rest of the time my phone was either dead or left in the hotel-it is hard to take pictures while riding bikes, playing in the lake etc. 

I loved that Matt drove with us, especially because of this long arms. Need a coke, need a snack, no problem, Matt can reach it :) He also kept Connor and Brooks happy in the backseat. And he didn't complain, once, about having to watch Dreamer about 12 times in the car, seriously!

Here we are fishing. Connor and Matt LOVED it, but to be completely honest I think Brooks was a little traumatized watching them smack the fish after they caught them. For a little boy that loves to look at fish- I completely understand that this would be sad. I just kept telling him that the bears now had food to eat. Which is true :) and by the way…they said there was a mom and two cubs at the fishing hole two weeks prior to our visit. CRAZY! We donated the fish we caught to the homeless and the bears :)

Connor reeling in his catch!

We spent lots of time playing at the lake.

Brooks let us bury him.

Connor was thrilled when Matt gave him his old sunglasses! 

Lake Tahoe Resort!

Enjoyed some mini golf. Justin and Matt enjoyed some real golfing!
They loved the course. 

Playing bean bag toss.

Connor playing on the tramp.

Here is some pictures of the lake. I am lame and downloaded these off of the Internet but this really is how beautiful Tahoe is. We love it. We had some gorgeous views on our bike ride and I wish I could have snapped some pics!

We also ate at the Red Hut…twice...LOVE!!!

We are looking forward to our family midway trip this weekend! Most of Connor's friends started school today, they are on year round schedule. I am realizing that sending my little guy into the world is a few short weeks away :( 

Loving all these fun times and soaking up the sun before our next phase of life starts!

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